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Navteq tends to be the cheaper of the options since it has more completely free features and lower priced devices. The natural guidance and map creator options will be ideal for people who just want to go straight to their destinations without any nonsense. TomTom, in contrast has a lot of bells and whistles like customizable voices, and the lane assistance, though all of it costs extra. more
Both Garmin and TomTom are leaders in the GPS industry. They both make quality products with a range of high to low end pricing. TomTom takes the edge in the amount of information you can review on-screen at the same time, and also comes loaded with more maps. Garmin has superior graphics, but some customers complain of intrusive advertisements on their products. Both companies are branching out into other areas of personal navigation devices in order to compete with tablets and smart phones. more
TomTom Consumer Q&A
I believe there is a function on most GPS units. Christy birmingham recently wrote a product review on the Tom Tom units. more
If you have purchased a GPS system from TomTom you may be aware that from time to time updates are needed or are available to you.  You can go to their website to see which mandatory updates you need.  If you need any, these are available to you at no charge.  You can simply down load... more
TomTom Overview
TomTom is the world's leading supplier of in-car navigation products and services, designed to enhance drivers' experiences as they travel. TomTom provides services to many markets: Consumer Automotive Licensing Business Solutions For consumers, navigation systems are provided for the smartphone, PND, and via the Internet. TomTom provides GPS navigation systems as well as services and content to automotive suppliers and manufacturers. High-digital maps cover more than 100 countries. Traffic information services are provided as well. Specific products sold at TomTom include: Car navigation iPhone and Mobile navigation GPS SportWatch Accessories - Chargers, cases, mounts, and m... more
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